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Medeloop accelerates breakthrough discoveries through novel deep AI model explainability techniques built on top of a comprehensive data linkage infrastructure

All-in-One Infrastructure

A Data Linkage and Machine Learning
Platform Transforming Health Research

Medeloop is a one of a kind platform that seamlessly links, harmonizes, and analyzes massive amounts of health data. We are pioneering AI techniques that find biomarkers for clinical researchers, helping break down barriers to save lives.

For Researchers

Our platform shortens the clinical research process using advanced AI techniques that provide research hypotheses for even the most understudied diseases.

For Participants

Our patient-facing app encourages the public to take control of their health and contribute to life-changing medical research.

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Multi-Modal Data

We gather data from a wide range of sources on a single platform, including electronic health records (EHRs) from over 10,000 medical facilities across the US and Canada, claims data, public datasets like the CDC Environmental Justice Index, geospatial and residential history data, and real-time data from wearable health trackers.

Powerful Data Pipelines

Our advanced data-linkage and harmonization infrastructure cleans, organizes, and analyzes incoming health data, ensuring compliance with interoperability standards, including HIPAA and SOC 2.

AI-Driven Discovery

Our novel ML infrastructure extracts the complex reasoning patterns and features implicitly learned from deep self-supervised models trained on our body of multi-modal data. This provides the insight researchers need to quickly perform groundbreaking research across thousands of data features associated with a disease

Automated Research Writing Tools

Our platform makes compiling manuscripts, presentations, and grant proposals quick and easy. Integrated LLM tools help researchers build tables, design beautiful figures, generate written text, and surface relevant citations.

Empowering Patients

We connect participants to research programs, de-identify their health records, and share updates on how their data is being used to discover cures for the world’s most challenging diseases. The Medeloop App provides participants with real-time access to their medical history and data, offering insight into their health to help them understand and manage their disease.

Key Platform Capabilities 

Data Linkage

Medeloop aggregates EMR, EHR, genomic, wearable, environmental, claims, residential and geospatial data on single platform. This data is made available to researchers on a beautiful analytic tool.

Data Harmonization

A framework that ensures incoming health data is compliant with data/interoperability standards through a rigorous validation process and mapping data to OMOP CDM, ICD10 and SNOMED CT.

Integrated ML Tools

Novel deep AI model explainability techniques provide hypotheses for researchers to start with – saving them from querying across thousands of features.

Geospatial Data

Medeloop combines CDC Environmental Justice Index and mortality data with ESRI HIPAA compliant geospatial data on our researcher platform, offering comprehensive information on environmental burden, social vulnerability, and health data.

No Code Interface

Medeloop is a user-friendly analytics platform for researchers to design, execute, and analyze experiments without programming expertise. It offers access to a wealth of data and accelerates breakthroughs in healthcare.

Patient Mobile App

A mobile and web health portal with a dashboard for managing personal data, communication preferences, education material, follow-up studies, and medical RSS feed. Includes citizen science tools for exploring anonymized data and conducting research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Medeloop’s platform work?

Through Medeloop’ two-sided platform, we enable life science partners to generate real-world, longitudinal evidence and empower patients to participate in treatment research, whenever and wherever they are, while benefiting from their own medical data. On one side of the platform — after proper consent and authorization — patients and family members can contribute to research by sharing the wealth of data found in their medical records.

Who can join the Medeloop platform?

All patients (or parents/guardians of children, legal authorized representatives (LARs), including those of adults with diminished capacity) are welcome to join the Medeloop platform, though at this time, only participants in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to consent to Medeloop research. You will be invited by your physician to join.

How is patient privacy protected?

Participants register an account and are asked to indicate where the patient has received care. The participant is asked to sign a release form that allows MEDEloop to request their complete medical records on their behalf. Records are digitized, de-identified (made anonymous to anyone viewing the data), organized and consolidated into the patient-facing application within the MEDEloop portal. 


Eligible platform users also have the option to sign MEDEloop’s IRB-approved research consent. This consent allows de-identified data from the patient’s medical records or survey responses to be used in research (identifiable data and medical records are not shared with researchers). MEDEloop applies world-class machine learning to the information to generate research insights that can be used by researchers to advance disease-specific understanding and accelerate treatment development timelines. Patients always have an “access log” within their app that enables them to view how their information is being used and by whom. 

Who owns patient data and how will it be used?

Patients always own their data. Patients who consent to research can opt out at any point. They may download their data to take with them or utilize in other settings, or for other purposes. If patients or caregivers consent to being involved in MEDEloop research, researchers will be able to access the de-identified data combined with data from other individuals with the same condition, and analyze that data set to look for insights and help advance treatment research.

What happens to patient records once collected?

Once collected, they are digitized and uploaded to a patient-friendly electronic portal, where patients and caregivers can access them securely or share them with their care team. The interactive portal also allows the MEDEloop research team to share research insights back to patients and collect additional data through surveys. On the other side of the platform, MEDEloop extracts the data, de-identifies it, and harmonizes it for research purposes. Research partners from academia, non-profit organizations and industry can request access to these audit-trailed data to support natural history studies, longitudinal outcome studies and regulatory inquiries and submissions.

Why Partner with Medeloop?

Medeloop is transforming how research is conducted for disease and is committed to accelerating treatment development for all patients.

For Patients, Medeloop makes it easy to contribute anonymized medical records to help advance research… wherever they are, for free. 

For Research, Medeloop is a game changing technology that accelerates research cycles and helps researchers publish more, faster. For the first time, researchers have access to harmonized data across phenotypic, genomic, wearables and nutrition; all with prior patient consent. With direct access to engage the patients, enrolling research studies, recontacting, and remote studies are now seamless processes. 

For life sciences, Medeloop provides access to natural histories, patient journeys, burdens of illness and patient engagement – all in one place. Medeloop enables life sciences to screen possible trial participants, enroll directly and collect regulatory-grade data to optimize R&D.


Connecting Data, Accelerating Discoveries, Saving Lives

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